Semantic Engines

Semantic Engines LLC develops products in the fields of information search and retrieval, text mining, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, and contextual advertising. We are a private company located in New York City.

Our main products are listed below - please follow to a particular product site to learn about it. For inquiries or proposals click on the "Contact us" link below.


Opinion Crawl - Web sentiment analysis Web sentiment snapshot on a person, company or event. Processes a variety of content sources - news sites, blogs, forums, etc. Can include Web sites selected by the client. Click the link on the left to check the sentiment on a topic of your interest, or order customized reports for your business. Our distinguishing feature is the ability to identify key issues that drive the sentiment in a positive or negative direction.

SenseBot - Semantic Search Engine SenseBot is a semantic search engine that generates a text summary of multiple Web pages on the topic of your search query. The summary blends together the most significant and relevant aspects of the search results. Try SenseBot and learn more about the approach - just click the product link on the left.
See the "Product Verticals" below where the technology is most applicable.

Semantic API
Sentiment API
Content Targeting API
The API's allows to access our products remotely from a client application. Click on the link to go to the API page for more information and sign-up for a free trial.

Product verticals:

As with any semantic technology, the best results can be achieved in vertical content areas, where the user intent is narrowed, and a set of pages or documents is more homogenous. We are currently focussing on the following content verticals:

Financial news and research: giving a scoop on what is happening in a particular area of the economy, on the market, in a given sector, etc.
Competitive intelligence: analyzing a set of documents on a competitor, or an online image of a company.
Social media: analyzing sentiment in blogs, forums, Twitter, etc.
• Other areas - talent search, medical information, legal data, educational materials, etc.