SenseBot Search API

SenseBot Search API analyzes a webpage on-the-fly and extracts key concepts from it. The API can also perform search and analysis of a set of webpages as a whole. The API powers our own tools, including SenseBot and OpinionCrawl.

Search API is deployed in a computing cloud. This gives it virtually unlimited scaling capabilities to support client applications. The API supports SOAP and REST protocols (HTTP GET or POST).

The purpose of the API is to empower startups and enterprises that are looking to utilize an affordable high-quality search and text mining solution to enrich their applications.

Search API features include:
• extraction of key concepts from a page or document;
• creating a “cloud” of concepts describing a group of pages;
• generating a multi-document summary of a set of pages;
• generating an essay on a topic from a set of pages.

Multiple parameters allow the client to control the type and format of results.

Detailed API documentation is available here: API documentation.

The pricing is based on the volume of API requests. Free trial is available!

We can also create a custom application based on the API for your business.

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